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Electric blue

Reliable motors

FD has developed reliable and powerful electric motors.

Long range

Synergy optimization between batteries and motor.


Trade and Traffic Plus guarantees availability of spare parts in the Netherlands and Belgium.

F3 or F7


Motor : 2000 WATT electric motor

Battery : 2 x Lithium-ion 72V/16AH

Max. speed (Km/h) : 25 or 45

Max. Range : 95Km (25Km/h version) or 90Km (45Km/h version)

Brakes : Disc/Disc (with CBS)


Motor: 3000 WATT electric motor

Battery: Lithium-ion 72V/34AH (plus optional 72V 52AH)

Max speed (Km/h) : 25 or 45

Max. Range: 100Km (25Km/h version), or 90Km (45Km/h version) and with optional battery +150Km (25Km/h version), or +120Km (45Km/h version)

Brakes : Disc/Disc (with CBS)

FD presence

2019 Milan Eicma

The new FD models were presented at EICMA 2019 in Milan.

FD in the netherlands

In the Netherlands FD is distributed by Trade and Traffic Plus B.V.

Electric vs Thermal Scooter

How much will i save?


Average daily distance covered in Km:


Pick the model you are interested in:

Every year you will save:


All calculations are based on several factors that are variable and pertain to riding style and topography such as speed and weight among others. Therefore, the results are entirely indicative. The calculations are based on the official FD-motors Technical Report, average KWh price 0,1707€ (Eurostat 2018 2nd semester for Netherlands) and average liter price for gasoline 1,651€. The comparison is made with a thermal scooter with average consumption 2,8 liter per 100 Km.

FD-motors scooters are imported and supported by Nipponia